Using the Virginia Historical Index of Virginia Literary Festival

One of the foremost important analysis guides for Virginia historical and genealogical researchers is the Virginia Historical Index compiled below the direction Swem.It could be a comprehensive index to several publications concerning Virginia history and genealogy.
Swem was a historian, bibliographer, and librarian who began his career as chief of the Catalog Division at the Library of Congress. He was named Virginia’s assistant state librarian in 1907 and worked at the Virginia State Library (currently the Library of Virginia) for twelve years. In 1919, he joined the staff at the College of William and Mary, where he served as librarian till his retirement in 1944. Operating with seven feminine researchers (together with his wife, Lilia), Swem set to indexing selected Virginia journals and published records, recording the knowledge on typed cards. He included references to individuals and society, in addition to political events, believing that “the complexity of colonial life” might be best understood through “the history of individuals and families.”