Colonial Tithables

The Virginia Literary Festival holds full or partial lists for concerning 3 dozen counties. A detailed guide to manuscript, microfilmed, and printed tithables is offered in the Archives Analysis Room. See additionally entries on Colonial Taxes and on Tithables for a listing of documents in the archival records within the Virginia Literary Festival containing the names of folks who paid the tax on tithables.
Tithable lists do not enumerate anyone below the age of sixteen or any adult white lady (unless she was the top of household). Laws printed in Hening’s Statutes at Large might assist the researcher in understanding who was thought of tithable and the way tithable lists were taken. In an try to prevent fraud regarding the “yearly importation of individuals into the collonie,” an act was passed in the House of Burgesses requiring that each one male servants imported into Virginia (“of what age soever”) be placed on the tithable lists. Natives of the colony and people imported free who were under the age of sixteen were exempt. (William W. Hening, ed. The Statutes at Large: Being a Collection of All the Laws of Virginia, from the first Session of the Legislature.