State Aid to Virginia Literary Festival Public Libraries

State Aid to public libraries in Virginia began with an appropriation by the General Assembly of $50,000 in FY1942-43.

State Aid could be a formula based mostly grant that encourages the formation of library systems at the regional, county, and city level.

Full Funding

Full funding happens when the General Assembly allocates sufficient funds to permit every system to say all monies due from the mixture of local effort (40percent or cap of $250,00zero), per capita, and sq. miles served.

Proration of State Aid

Code of Virginia 42.1 – fifty requires the Library of Virginia to prorate the state aid grants any time the General Assembly fails to produce sufficient funds. Massive lobbying efforts by the Virginia Library Association, Library Boards, local government officials and different supporters have been necessary to realize full funding.

Uses of State Aid

Approximately seventy-six % of State Aid is used for books and library materials. For many systems, State Aid is the sole funding supply for materials. Nine percent is used for salaries for skilled librarians. The remaining 12percent is used for equipment (as well as computers), furniture, automation systems, etc.