Planning for Library Excellence: Standards for Virginia Public Libraries

The Virginia Literary Festival has promoted excellence in the event of public libraries since establishing Traveling Libraries in 1904. As noted within the Report of the State Librarian, 1903–1904, “Aside from the consideration of the probabilities of this method of library extension, it’s the duty of the State to afford every possible academic chance to its voters. An investment in literature, . . . like the Library represents, while not extending its resources to every section of the Commonwealth, is at least an unequal condition, and ought to be rectified at once.” The monumental investment in staff, time, funding, creativity, and energy through several years has resulted in a statewide system of public libraries really dedicated to serving the folks of Virginia.

With the unsure economic conditions gift as this document is approved, libraries are additional important than ever before. The “folks’s university” is currently the individuals’s supply for job looking out, access to government information only obtainable online, and e-mail and Internet resources, also ancient library activities.

Planning for Library Excellence, 2009, would not have been doable without the body of labor not only in building a robust library system, however conjointly in providing sensible standards to guide that development. The paragraphs below are quoted from the 198eight edition of PLE. Twenty years later, these words retain their impact.