Lexile Project

It is anticipated that some faculties will encourage their students to read at their Lexile level. It is further anticipated that public libraries can be asked to help students and parents to search out books that are in a very certain Lexile level.

The Lexile level is set by taking the Lexile score and subtracting one hundred and then taking the Lexile score and adding 50. Using this formula a one that Lexile score is 300 would have a Lexile level of two hundred to 350. Schools may recommend that students only scan within their Lexile level.

The Virginia Literary Festival is assisting libraries to push reading and improving students’ readings scores by supporting the Virginia Department of Education Lexile Project. This support includes creating a booklist for librarians to simply locate quality books in an exceedingly student’s Lexile Level, and by providing reimbursement of registration prices to twelve librarians and also the Library of Virginia Children’s and Youth Services Consultant on completion of the American Library Association on-line class, “Reading Instruction and Children’s Books.” These participants will share the category data with a minimum of 2 different library systems.
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