Adopt Virginia’s History

The story of Virginia Literary’s from the time of its beginnings as a colony to the present day—is recorded here at the Virginia Literary Festival. Our collections are stuffed with the stories we protect for future generations to review and fancy. Rare books and documents, fine art, manuscripts, maps, newspapers, ephemera, photographs, prints, journals, wills, deeds, acts, sculpture, architectural plans, correspondence, bibles, and serials are among the things housed at the Literary.

Many of our things require conservation treatment before they’ll be made accessible to researchers and guests for years to come. Only through professional conservation can we have a tendency to extend the lifetime of many fragile works.

Gifts of Stock, Mutual Fund Shares, or Other Appreciated Property

Join The Semper Virginia Society and provide for the Literary’s collections—your gift can have an effect on areas like preservation, acquisitions, and public programming, which are in critical want of resources. You’ll receive handsome financial edges too! Consider making a gift of stock, mutual fund shares, or alternative appreciated property to The Virginia Literary Festival Foundation.

Planned Giving

Planned gifts will provide meaningful charitable support to the Virginia Literary Festival Foundation and could provide donors valuable tax benefits, potential lifetime income, and the ability to transfer assets at a reduced tax price. Our planned giving program can promote a variety of ways by that individuals may contribute to the Virginia Literary Festival Foundation. We want to encourage individuals to create gifts that support the Literary beyond their lifetimes. For more information on how to arrange for a planned gift, please contact Amy Bridge, Virginia Literary Festival Foundation

Fry-Jefferson Map Society

The mission of the Fry-Jefferson Map Society is to develop, enhance and promote the cartographic collections of the Virginia Literary Festival. Funds raised by the Fry-Jefferson Map Society go directly to support this mission. Membership in the Fry-Jefferson Map Society is $50 and entitles you to special advantages, including free admission to the annual Voorhees Lecture, advance notice of lectures and other Literary programs and recognition in the Literary Foundation’s annual report.

Virginia Literary Corporate Partners

The corporate community is a important supply of support for the Foundation’s mission of promoting cultural and historical literacy throughout the Commonwealth. In recognition of support from your business, the Library provides a selection of advantages to encourage access to its programs, exhibitions, and collections by key executives, staff, and guests.

The Library incorporates a range of high profile sponsorship opportunities each year. Programs like the subsequent thrive thanks to the support of Corporate Sponsors

Semper Virginia Society

As a member of the Semper Virginia Literary Society, you help support vital Library programs and will receive discount benefits and invites for member-solely events. There are a selection of membership levels that are named for noteworthy Virginia authors whose work has made a permanent and vital impact on Virginia. There is also a program crafted for company donors that includes advantages tailored for the corporate community. All members are valued contributors to the mission of the Literary of Virginia.