State Historical Records Advisory Board

The State Historical Records Advisory Board (SHRAB) is the central advisory body for historical records designing and related projects developed and applied by the state. The board may publish and sponsor surveys of conditions and needs of historical records in the state, review records and proposals by establishments in the state, and create recommendations to the National Historical Publications and Records Commissions (NHPRC).

Central to the current mission are:

1. developing and submitting to the Commission state priorities for historical records as half of a state board arrange;

2. promoting an understanding of the role and worth of historical records;

3. soliciting or developing proposals for NHPRC grant projects;

four. reviewing proposals by establishments within the state and creating recommendations regarding these to the Commission;

five. fostering and supporting cooperative networks and programs addressing historical records;

vi. reviewing through reports and otherwise monitoring the operation and progress of projects in the state financed by NHPRC grants;

seven. and advising the State Archives and different statewide archival, records, or data agencies.


The 4 objectives of the set up are of equal importance. The Virginia Board is the first facilitator of the strategic set up with the Library of Virginia providing primary support. The tasks are assigned level one or level 2 priorities, with level one priorities receiving the foremost stress. SHRAB can review grant proposals with an emphasis on how they complement the Statewide Strategic Set up and meet the priorities of the plan.
The strategic arrange will continue to be evaluated by SHRAB and priorities can be reviewed for changes, additions, or deletions as required by the needs of the archival and records management community.


The State Historical Records Advisory Board shall promote and support statewide policies and practices that ensure the preservation of and access to the commonwealth’s public and private historical records. The Board by federal mandate shall review grant proposals submitted to NHPRC. The Board shall additionally coordinate and implement the Statewide Strategic Plan.