Rules for Conduct of Virginia Literary Festival

The mission of the Library of Virginia is to serve the analysis and information wants of Virginia’s state agencies, government, and the final public. The Library promotes an appreciation of reading and also the written word, the price of history and culture, and also the importance of analysis.

Guests not engaged in activities associated with the use of a library shall be required to leave the building. Activities related to the employment of a library embody reading, studying, researching, or otherwise making use of library materials, services, programs, or resources.

The Library of Virginia requires that each one visitors NOT:

Have interaction in any behavior that is disruptive to Library use.
Have interaction in any criminality or behavior.
Possess or use alcohol or illegal medication, or be beneath the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
Consume or display food or beverage on the second floor. This is permitted only in designated areas of the lobby and on the surface terrace on the bottom floor.
Bring in additional than 2 baggage. No luggage might exceed sixteen”x16”x20”. No massive plastic bags are allowed. All baggage could be searched by security workers.
Leave personal things unattended.
Enter while not shoes or shirt or take away same while within the Library.
Sell or solicit.
Misuse the restrooms: no bathing, shaving, changing or laundry clothes is allowed.
Harass (by physically, verbally or sexually abusive behavior) or threaten other Library users or staff.
Mutilate, deface, destroy or steal library property, or the property of different Library users or staff.
Smoke or use other kinds of tobacco.
Sleep, sit, or place your head, feet or legs on the tables.
Gather in such a manner as to inhibit access by alternative visitors to any Library service, materials, resources, or displays.
Move tables, chairs or alternative furniture.
Talk loudly or create noise that alternative Library users can hear.
Use cell phones on the second floor; cell phones should be turned off or set to vibrate mode. Cell phone use is permitted on the first floor.
Bring in animals, alternative than service animals.
Violate the Internet Access Policy concerning use of workstations and wireless computers.
Use audio/video devices without earphones.
Leave youngsters unattended by a parent or different adult. Loud or disruptive kids and their responsible adult may be asked to leave.